PHPWind hand in hand to finance the development of Tencent community E commerce

      in October 30th, the domestic well-known software community service PHPWind and a leading online payment platform officially reached a strategic cooperation, PHPWind community platform will be integrated across the board caifutong as online payment tool. On the same day, PHPWind also released its latest version of the forum system: PHPWind Forums v6.0.

      PHPWind was founded in 2002, is the earliest PHP community software open source code system provider, since the founding of the company launched an influential community portal and e-commerce solutions based on series of software solutions. It is understood that this latest version of the 6 R & D took up to 12 months, PHPWind is the crystallization of the official wisdom of the past five years. The new version uses a lot of AJAX technology, make explicit details of the operation more convenient, for example, money paid through the intermediary transactions, the default post launched format, stored messages, drafts, the landlord Posts browsing records, post editing, no single page Jump, thus the real time operation.

      caifutong is the largest of the third party payment service provider, according to iResearch the latest release of the "2007 second quarter China online payment Research Report" statistics, caifutong to 17.1% market share in the industry second. As of September 12th this year, the money paid through the line for a full two years, its registered users has more than 20 million, the cooperation of businesses broke through the 200 thousand.

      the strategic cooperation with the payment of money, so that the PHPWind forum and online payment transactions intermediary channel has been effectively extended. At the same time, this collaboration will also involve the development of community e-commerce applications, community marketing platform to promote, merchants and other aspects of product customization.

      caifutong Marketing Manager Zhang Kang told reporters, "PHPWind seeks thoughtful site needs and value for the owners, caifutong will fully support the PHPWind value of the site will help owners into real income, to have more competitiveness under the new environment of community site."

      PHPWind marketing director Xiao Ruizhe said, "caifutong as a means of payment for the most mainstream, will provide the tools, payment excellent for the owners at the same time, using the latest version of PHPWind forum webmaster, will also be exempted from the payment of intermediary fee concessions, to save the cost of e-commerce webmaster."

      anxious along with expectations, PHPWind after more than 1 years of complete testing, has been officially released and free download, link address: http://s.www.phpwin>

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