The domain name theft counterfeit site live it

remember this year on April Fool’s day’s live domain name theft? The stolen domain was not only recovered, fake "live it" is borrowed from the original domain of’s live to make more things too much, today, I visited fake live it and found the website posted a notice, will replace the domain name, this is undoubtedly to live it out of user groups, let not the knowledge of the user’s live together in the new domain name.


was broadcast live broadcast of the false announcement page

The author then contacted

‘s live ( officials, official sources said the original domain name does not recover, and the illegal person stealing the domain name of the domain name also borrowed the illegal profit, theft of user information and other malicious means. At the same time it is also the official broadcast of the majority of users, the current broadcast of the official domain name is, which is also the only direct entry of the official website.

in view of this, the author also made a comparison of the old and new live it, which is very easy to distinguish between true and false, in the fake live it, posted around the illegal gambling, online gambling and other advertising. And really live it ( on the page there is no advertising, is a legitimate site.


on the left side of the page for the real live, the right side of the page for the live broadcast (published a lot of illegal gambling, online gambling and other advertising)

in addition, fake live it also borrows the original live forum domain separate forum, the forum has over 20 thousand registered members, because this forum that counterfeit data loss, allowing users to re register the visible, there are still many unaware of the original live ( members into this website. Here, the author also reminded users, currently live domain name for the official forum, forum data is not lost, and broadcast it stolen announcement in the forum, see the report users tell each other, let the user enter the forum "to those fake home".


on the left side of the real live Forum (published on the page of the domain name stolen notice), to the right of the live broadcast forum

in this regard, the domain name city CEO Wang Peibi analysis, such an event has been in the domestic and international many incidents, in the domain name city forum has a lot of users at home and abroad out of domain name theft incident. The live broadcast of the domain name theft incident is no doubt to the domestic enterprises as well as more entrepreneurs once again sounded the alarm.

domain name is not only a

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