Zheng was sentenced to 500 thousand years in prison sentenced to a fine of 6

yesterday, the concern of the country’s largest naked chat case in Jingzhou District Court of first instance verdict. Mouse love rice, the father Zheng Li, was sentenced to 6 years in prison and fined $500 thousand.

, the 29 year old Zheng Li, from 2002 in the "decibel music network" popular songs "mouse love rice", became famous, be worth billions of dollars, "80 CEO", Chongqing was regarded as a benchmark for Internet entrepreneurs.

court found, September 2008, limited company of science and Technology Corporation access to Chongqing’s Zheng Li, see the "DB network" to Chongqing and then the color blue Technology Co., Zeyan negotiate cooperation to establish the legal person wearing video chat site, and find the Chongqing poly Music Network Limited Liu Junsong video player software, a chat web site.


, Zheng Li and other three people to reach an agreement and the division of labor, from the "poly music network" technology is responsible for site maintenance, "blue color", "access" is responsible for the operation and promotion, then based on the original chat site, established a number of chat sites to the same background, and through the pornographic website link, to attract Internet users registered recharge.

engaged in pornographic performances in the site, the female anchor, the defendant Zhang Rong contact by the defendant, Ho Ho recruitment management. Internet users registered as a member, through the purchase of K coins to buy, buy villas, aircraft and other virtual gifts. In the "one on one", female anchor accept value ranging from virtual gifts, namely underwear show strip show pornographic performances and various not fit to be seen.

as of June last year, the "naked chat" by the Jingzhou police destroyed, attracted a total of more than 570 people registered members, illegal suction gold 1493 yuan.

court hearing that Zheng Li and other 5 people are the organizers of the network pornographic performances, the Department is directly responsible for the competent personnel and other directly responsible personnel. The three defendants units and 5 defendants constituted the crime of organizing pornographic performances, and is not easy to distinguish between the main accomplice. The obscene performances for a long time, watching the number of people, the social impact is very bad, is a serious plot.

yesterday, the court of first instance to commit obscene performances, sentenced the defendant to three yuan to 1 million yuan fine ranging from 500 thousand yuan. Sentenced to 6 years in prison, a fine of $500 thousand and sentenced Dai Zeyan and others for 5 months to 2 years in prison for 6 months, and ranging from $400 thousand to $100 thousand fine. Zheng Li et al. Recovery of illegal income 194 yuan and 3 cars.

yesterday afternoon, the judge will serve the verdict Zheng immediately, it is not clear whether the appeal.

              decibel network CEO Zheng was suspected of organizing pornographic video performances were prosecuted

              Zheng Li: "I was going to go straight."

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