Xinhua comment the site should be in accordance with the law to defend them

recently, the Internet rumors rampant online "". Internet rumors is a real problem, coverage, influence, damage and damage degree of strong. The attitude of the Internet rumors must be clear, that is: completely eradicated!

can thoroughly eradicate the network rumors, some people may have doubts about the hearts of Internet virtual world is so big, so many Internet users, eradicate Internet rumors, it seems to be a need to look up the mountain". But I believe that this mountain is high, but not impassable. The reason for this is because the spread of Internet rumors have rules to follow.

browsing in recent years is the emergence of Internet rumors, we will find such a law: the first network rumors of Internet users through forums, blogs, such as micro-blog, followed by a number of websites to follow the trend of speculation, and finally influence the formation of Internet users, Internet and the potential failure in the real world. In this series of Internet rumors of heating in the fermentation process, all kinds of website is a "booster" and "starter", although not its severity than the initiator of evil, but the Internet rumor itself ifheavier. Therefore, to eradicate the network rumors, the website itself responsibility is huge, simply, that is "selves".

first, the site should have a sense of social responsibility, to clear their position and obligations. Although the Internet is a virtual world, but filled with all kinds of websites is the real world of social organizations. As a social organization, it should be conducive to social mode of operation and management, which includes not only the economic and legal obligations, including "the pursuit of long-term goals" beneficial to society’s duty, also is the social responsibility. A major aspect of social responsibility is social morality and public interest. Internet rumors and social morality is undoubtedly contrary to this, as the company’s Web site must have a clear understanding.

secondly, the site should have a sense of law, to maintain a high degree of vigilance network rumors. The network rumour must use some communication tools, the use of forum, blog, micro-blog may have been rumors, the website also has the potential to become the rumormongers "accomplice" in imperceptibly, this site should be vigilant. "Internet information services management approach" provisions of administrative penalties clear, as the Internet industry practitioners, in addition to knowing the law, should respect the Fawei law, within the framework of the law to deal with the mass information on the Internet carefully.

finally, the website to improve the technical level of application management, build the first firewall to prevent network rumors". In order to eradicate the Internet rumors, to strengthen its monitoring, identification is the first step is the most critical step, only the network rumors blocked at the beginning of the production, in order to avoid the spread of brewing. The website provides information for the public at the same time, the need to ensure more harmless and legality, the information technology level, therefore, improve the site to strengthen the monitoring of the site content, is duty bound. Only in this way can we better fulfill the social responsibility and expand the social influence of the website.

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