Brand domain name was registered in Guangdong BBK group lost bubugao com

Guangdong BBK yesterday announced plans to prepare on-line electricity supplier projects, the Internet industry has become a hot spot.

Guangdong BBK Group intends to set up BBK Agel Ecommerce Ltd, an independent subsidiary of the business model into the field of e-commerce. The company plans to use PC+ mobile phone APP+ micro shopping mall and other online channels, combined with all the stores under the line, warehousing and logistics resources, the implementation of the whole channel, all formats, the whole category of O2O strategy. The main goal: the integration of multi channel resources such as mobile phone, APP, PC, micro shopping mall and the next line of the existing channels, open online and offline marketing; and ultimately taking double super retail category, department store category, service life.

previously BBK has acquired three letter domain name bbk.com, as its leading smartphone brand vivo official website.

recently came out, I believe a lot of friends to play the domain name has to go to the search BBK electricity supplier related domain names, such as bubugao.com, bbkmall.com, bbgmall.com and other domain names are registered. Small make up the domain of the city forum, the discovery of friends of rice, I am sb, said the release of BBK group said the acquisition of bubugao.com, and with pictures.


Our domain name clearly visible in the picture is the BBK electricity supplier

bubugao.com, recently is just the Hunan Internet Conference held during this time, BBK is using it to get involved in the electricity business news release



but the current query bubugao.com whois, did not find obvious BBK information, only shows that the domain name has been updated in September 23, 2013. Query whois history, domain name originally in the name of Cai Wensheng.

it is reported that BBK electricity supplier will be on the line before the end of 2013, when we can see.

today, the number of friends on WeChat @Howie Wong to small series revealed that the acquisition of bubugao.com company is Hunan BBK group, not Guangdong BBK. Howie Wong previously worked in Hunan BBK, so it is understood that the general Hunan provincial people rarely know there are two BBK group. Hunan BBK group is a retail giant in Hunan, recently released a news to enter the electricity supplier, it can be said that Guangdong BBK should be no longer with the bubugao.com domain name.

This is the first time that

flash has two BBK group line =====

[above information from domain name investment WeChat "domaincom", I found more and more large companies involved in the electricity supplier small Zhang Da Guanren @]

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