Murong knife soft Wen the head of the gun

          the night has been deep, the parents are sleeping. I am the only person in this writing something, a few years ago, the forum in order to pull popularity, let you send the advertisement in the forum, but slowly with the development of Internet, Internet users are gradually increased, people began to hate this direct advertising behavior, how to do?

          the Internet has been seen in his webmaster, not his outcast on the internet. Although there are gender differences between the webmaster and the gap between rich and poor, but he gave a new webmaster "gun" – that is soft, also gave every webmaster write soft free.

          do not know what time from the beginning, the word from the soft spread on the Internet quickly spread, also do not know who is the first person to eat crabs, thank you here, because without you, there is no station tomorrow. Ha ha, during the two years to go to the army, almost isolated, can not access the Internet, can not use the phone, the only thing to do is watch TV)

    soft Wen is a can let the webmaster immersed a knowing smile in the past sad songs. Is a beacon when they feel confused when the beacon light. Is a webmaster hands invincible "gun"

Ps: would like to dedicate this article dedicated to the fight on the streets of the webmaster, because you do not have this colorful Internet

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