6 basic points of the industry B2B website name

similar to the name of the TV station, the site name appears in the top left corner of the site, the difference between the purpose of the site. In foreign countries, the site name and domain name sometimes overlap, as in our website name is Chinese, while the domain name cannot be used Chinese characters, although there may be relationship, but many do not completely overlap, there are differences in the way of protection. The name of the site can be in the form of a trademark, the same as the protection of the name of the newspaper.

"B2B industry portal planning combat Research Report" that named industry B2B website, the general should be included in the name of professional industry common saying, we see the name will know that this site is belong to which industry, reflects the positioning of the site and the respective category, brand positioning and related websites. The name of the industry B2B website has a lot of attention, the specific embodiment of the following aspects:

1, and the industry must be related to the relevant professional saying, which is noted that your professional saying must be the vast majority of people in the industry know, do not engage in too professional. For example: Chinese screw network, Chinese clothing network, cement network, China agricultural network, we look at this site is known to belong to which industry, but also to facilitate the memory of people in the industry.

2, the site will cover the geographical name of the site, such as: global hardware network, the global textile network, China clothing network, China chemical network, a look at the know, their coverage. At the same time we in the future development, we will be in the name for later consideration, because some websites started Chinese version, when the Chinese station will be launched after the successful operation of English version, so you can see a number of global network industry: * * * B2B website does not provide the actual English version of the service, also can not add regional.

3, the website was generally not more than 6 words, too long is not easy to remember, if it is too long, it is best to have a short, so more convenient after the brand promotion, in the process of operation, to guide the user to remember you referred to, such as: global wool sweater, referred to as the whole network, Chinese screw, referred to as the Chinese network, global network hardware, referred to as: network hardware etc..

4, web site name as far as possible not to repeat with the existing site, to create a brand, it is necessary to make a difference. If you apply for operating the site for the record, you can use the same name with him, if the other party to the registered trademark, you cannot use this name, so for your own website and other websites name differ, as far as possible to make their name when the brand name and other similar sites distinguish for example, someone with the world * * *, you can use the global, international, to enable users to distinguish anyway.

5, if you only focus on a certain aspect of the site, you can also write in this aspect of the characteristics, then the site requires a certain amount of innovation spirit. For example: the focus of a site in the chemical market information, you can directly named: chemical market information network; and for example: a site focused on electronic supply and demand, >

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