Adsense network broadcast Baidu space closed Co founder secret millet do user Secrets

1 Baidu space closed in May 7th officially moved to Baidu cloud  

April 7th news, today there is news that Baidu space is about to move to Baidu cloud. In this regard, TechWeb on the Internet to "Baidu space" as the keyword search, the emergence of the "Baidu space in May 7th will be officially moved to the Baidu cloud, we will bring together the buddy memory, embark on a new journey!" the text, according to the prompt, you can jump directly to the Baidu cloud interface.

in addition, micro-blog users @ Moonlight blog also broke the news in its personal micro-blog. The blog said that eight years of operation of the Baidu space was finally shut down by Baidu, Baidu space content automatically migrated to the Baidu cloud, from the beginning of April 21st, Baidu released the Baidu space function, space users can consider self independent blog site, or use the Sina blog and three party blog website.

2 co-founder secret: millet does not spend a penny to do the user’s Secret 100 million  

The name of the first

millet is very wonderful, such as red, creepy, An Tong, Xuan De, et al. Such as consonance, want to take the minds of Italy head ", even painted on paper sketches rhino mascot. Almost set a name is "Red Star", it has a good recognition, but not good registration. Finally chose millet is easy to remember because of Yi Chuanbo.

Lei Jun said "this seven words focus, extreme, reputation, fast, easy to say, but his tears do.

The following

Li Wanqiang and the media meeting oral:

do word of mouth can be zero cost: can not spend a penny to do 1 million users?

3 Putian will respond to Baidu: do not fight with you lower level war of words

news April 8th, according to Baidu reported their threats to its users, Putian (Chinese) Health Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Putian club") responded that today, not with Baidu hit the lower slobber war, and will fight in the end.

Putian always said in response, "Baidu as an outstanding multinational enterprises, with the brutal way to respond, no qualitative in the public security department said before we have acts of intimidation, black social behavior, let us enraged, but we will not fight with Baidu this kind of low-level slobber war, we will use the A series of practical actions, to use legal weapons in the functions of state organs within the scope of long-term planning, the war in the end!"

4 Tencent reversal accidental acquisition of micro cash CN domain name  

April 8th hearing, Tencent Inc in the following year won the webank.com, and as the micro public bank official website domain name, and then have webank.com.c>

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