80 create depression network hand in hand winter

revenues and layoffs, the company does not receive business, find a job repeatedly rebuffed…… Hushang several white-collar workers because of various setbacks, spontaneously set up a recession network, hoping to comfort each other in this site, encourage, but also to help you find new opportunities.

Founded only a few days

, registered members to double the daily growth rate of amazing. Although the founder claimed that the stock index back to 6000 points, the site will automatically shut down." But many netizens said that such sites can give people a positive force, let a person "the pleasure of taking pains" in mutual encouragement and confidence cheer sound. Economists said: the economic turnaround probably until the second half of next year, the site at least until then can turn off.

[original intention]

"we are now the epitome of white-collar status"

"recession" is the founder of the six or seven young people, almost all "80", some design, some write copy, some engage in technology, some new graduates, some of their own business when the boss, their common state is "basically no work recently". In order to find new opportunities, they co founded this somewhat alternative site.

workplace crisis triggered inspiration

Cheng Liang is a "bad main founder", he opened a design company this month performance decline: "I was doing a website, often give a person advertisement. Originally a dozen list last month, the ‘die’, customers make snap to cut the budget. Add up the production budget in the second half of the year the company all items, less than half of my personal fee."

he said, ultimately he opened the site is "recently for a dozen friends asked me to find a job, there are many acquaintances suffered layoffs, anxiety. We all feel the need to have a vent, decided to stop the work at hand, with a week out of such a site assault."

downturn turned positive

what should the "recession net" look like?.

a few young people around the idea and demand of comprehensive friends, the site is divided into open source, throttle and decompression three most. In the "open source" section, with "what can I do", "opportunity" and "charge" section, users can volunteer at the forum, or communicate and share a variety of jobs, including learning, training and other charging information. For the pressure of white-collar workers, the site also launched a "psychological decompression cabin".

this is a public website, did not want to rely on it to make money, but feel the crisis and pressure, there should be a place to give vent to each other and encourage each other". Their home page awesomely "recession is a fashionable slogan on the site, with some self deprecating, yet optimistic, and proposed to" valiant, spirited, in the winter, to pull together in times of trouble." >

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