At home online shopping online market Nanjing rice oil began trial operation

Just click the mouse, the people of Nanjing on the Internet can easily order all kinds of agricultural products. The reporter learned from the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of agriculture and forestry, joined the "Nanjing agriculture net online shopping" elements officially opened yesterday. As a government sponsored "online market" has entered the trial operation state.

        input URL www.njaf.gov.cn, will enter the new version of the Nanjing agricultural network home page. And the public as long as the click of the mouse to enter the big supermarket module, you can buy online to rest assured that agricultural products. Suhl ocean chestnut braised mutton, 24 yuan / bag; day ring pork (skin white), 21 yuan / kg; six egg 8, 6 yuan / box…… Includes vegetables, livestock products, aquatic products, Cereals, fruits and nearly 100 kinds of agricultural products.

        the public only need to click the mouse, you can sit at home to enjoy the delivery service, but also quality assurance of pollution-free agricultural products.

        public order on the same day, merchants will be packaged high-quality agricultural products instant delivery.

        in addition, the newly opened agricultural network also includes "Carnival", "boss" and "expert library" and other special dice page. In the carnival, the public to understand what the Nanjing agriculture and forestry tourism attractions, a good place, as long as click on the query, you can understand the price of each attraction, service, etc.. Selected attractions, the public can directly online registration.

        reporter learned yesterday, the Nanjing Municipal Grain Bureau carefully crafted "online store" will be officially opened at the end of this year, the Nanjing based on many "assured grain shop" e-commerce platform will enable the general public to purchase affordable homes that assured grain.

        deputy director of the Nanjing Municipal Grain Bureau Zhu Xinhua told reporters that they are ready to open network platform before the end of this month, to the end of the month, the people of Nanjing can enjoy the preliminary service. Online ordering, door-to-door is a little late, is expected to be realized by the end of this year. The choice to buy food online is also great, the reporter learned that Nanjing assured grain stores selling variety, there is a large chain store owner introduced light stores them in a white road where there are more than and 400 varieties, from the high-grade Goods are available in all varieties. olive oil, organic rice to ordinary rapeseed oil, soybean oil, rice, grains.

        according to reports, the "online store" in Wuxi and Hefei city has begun to try, the current implementation of the city are free to send food. Shi Xiaolei ()

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