Suning electricity supplier open platform is half of the sea is a flame

Open platform

business is currently the most important profit model, but also the early core of Taobao, of course, but also because the Jingdong open platform, the achievements of Taobao second, after the business platform through Taobao Tmall and Jingdong both share. For this open platform market seems to be more and more small, before the mall was very prosperous Tencent because of attack Jingdong and Taobao Tmall, and had to exit, in this context, Su ningyun actually started a open platform, one had to line electrical sales as the core of the retailer, has started to enter the electricity supplier, which is currently the best electricity supplier industry, or Suning unfortunately


half of the sea water is half flame

electricity supplier in the blue sea, contains a huge market, although the electricity supplier industry has generated annual sales of more than trillions of yuan, but compared to the imagination of the future, this ratio is also greatly imagination, as now talk to the stock city dream rate, price earnings ratio has not become an important reference index for people to invest for the development of the electricity supplier industry, as long as the imagination, you can see the true face of the future, from this point of view, Su ningyun decisively cut into the field of electricity providers, can be said to have prophetic vision.

If the

is open platform market electricity supplier in the field is close to saturation, Su ningyun also spared no expense to engage in this platform, the great courage is contained in the line from the huge operating entity stores strength, Suning made online marketing model under the integration model of traditional retailers in order to enter the field of electricity supplier. The commercial nature of gene, can let Suning in the field of electricity providers also go further, to know whether it is Ali Ma or Jingdong Liu Qiangdong, its advantage is that the Internet business insight, but the gene relative to Suning is obviously missing, so Suning in the advantage of commercial gene that is enough to make Suning in the field of electricity providers will have greater development.

compared with the multitude of strong business giants, Suning’s operating environment on the whole is still in the competition of the Red Sea, now Su ningyun completely showing half water, half of the flame of suffering, as long as they can in the operation mode and advantage of the maximum use of their line, coupled with the electricity supplier tax at any time for the sword scabbard, Su Ning, has very good, all these provide an important basis for the future development of the achievement of Su ningyun.

electronic business platform competition to white hot

when Suning spared no expense to open platform into the electric field, the competition of electricity providers an open platform competition starts is very intense, the future electricity providers an open platform to the upper hand in the market, not only to rely on technology, also need to take more responsibility, actually has a corresponding policy requirements many of the electricity supplier network open platform to ensure the quality and quality attributes of product sales need to take responsibility, this policy actually appeared, still has certain positive for Su Ning >

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