Yue GU Taobao sellers upgrade manual

Traffic upgrade

many sellers are asking, why my shop no one to see it? Why do people shop so many people look at it? That is because you did not keep up with the publicity from the first store, released when the goods should pay attention to, and some can improve the traffic way, select the 7 days of release, release time is 10 am to 10 pm; the release price, can be released a few yuan promotion, this can attract users come to buy; the release of the goods, can release the phone cards, Q coins, game cards and other virtual goods, this can increase the trading volume, increase sales. With the signature and comments to publicity, introduce your main product in the comments. Improve the goods you store the quality and price advantage, puerile. The purchase of advertising, etc. for users to buy, rather than take the initiative to call the user to buy, you can buy taobao.com advertisement, can also buy other local advertising, strongly recommend a is free by sending traffic station: www.molihe.com, are interested in selling home can see.


2, purchase volume upgrade

when you have a certain amount of traffic, such as 500IP per day, 1000IP, then no one to buy, then it is not

to complain, your product is definitely not good, need to improve your products, for example, you can look at Taobao on what is the most fire, Taobao home recommended is certainly the fire so that the price of their content, you can not do down, at the same time the product classification in store as much detail as possible, so to find buyers, and if you can put your own photos, so buyers are more intimate, the price as far as possible in the average price, too low on the loss, some of the price at the end of the product, the quality is not good, the high price of the product, the user feel not cost-effective. At the same time to participate in the activities of Taobao, so you can quickly improve your purchases, while improving your service, the buyer is to consume, and some buyers are finding fault, but you must each buyer treat you, because they are buying clothes, two is to buy services. Customer service work must be done, return, replacement, repair what, always do the best possible, this is a good insurance as a part of the accident is actually very small.


3, revenue upgrade

when your traffic is up, your purchases are on the rise, and your income is naturally rising, this time you have to work hard

to raise more revenue, such as to the buyer to send a small gift, sent MM hairpin, sent GG lighters, Keychains what small gifts, remember your hobby buyers, buyers remember where Taobao can provide these chats, and remember to visit the user, so the user will often come to you the shop to see, or introduce a friend to your shop and stroll, your income is strive for further improvement. You can open mobile want Taobao’s consumer protection plan, look at Taobao’s activity area, to know more about Taobao.

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