Messi department store closed 40 stores to focus on the online

[Reuters] news billion state power in January 8th, according to U.S. media reports Daily Mail, America’s largest chain of department store Macys (Messi Department) recently announced that the company will close 40 stores, while at the same time, the number of layoffs of about 4800 people.


billion state power network to understand, a hundred years old Messi department store in the United States there are 770 stores, 40 stores this close to California, New York, to Dezhou and other states.

days ago, the Wall Street journal also published specific information of the 40 stores will close the Macys. Among them, located in Suburban Square, Ardmore, Macys branch was founded in 1930, is the 40 stores will be closed in the history of the oldest shop in.




Messi department store closed 40 stores specific information

for the closed shop tide, some critics pointed out that this is closely related to the recent poor performance of Messi Department store. 2015 second quarter, Messi department store net sales fell by $6 billion 104 million to $2.6%, net profit fell by $217 million to $25.7%, same store sales fell by 1.5%. The third quarter of 2015, the company achieved sales of $5 billion 874 million, down by 5.2%, same store net profit fell by $118 million to $45.6%, lower than market expectations.

Messi department store discount retail and electricity supplier channels to explore is not deep, which largely limits the company’s performance improvement." Related analysts pointed out that, of course, Messi department store in China’s electricity supplier market exploration or positive. In August 2015, Messi department store announced the opening of the flagship store in Tmall international, became the first U.S. Department Store stationed in Tmall international, and is expected in 2016 to achieve sales of $50 million in china.

however, in the past 2015 shopping season (including Thanksgiving, black five, Christmas season), Messi department store performance is not satisfactory. Insiders pointed out that a large part of which is due to the shift from offline to online consumer behavior, leading to Messi’s department store in November 2015 and December sales fell 5.2% overall. But on the other hand, Messi department store electricity supplier business has been no big improvement."

in this regard, the current CEO Terry Lundgren Messi Department said that 80% of the decline in sales is due to the influence of the United States suffered extreme weather, the temperature becomes warm than usual, resulting in consumer goods should be cold > on the jacket, sweaters, boots etc.

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