Subtitle network trap copyright contradiction there is no domestic capital investment

There is a contradiction between the

subtitles network: if you want to attract capital into the first to solve the copyright problem, and there is a corresponding business model; and the development of business model is bound to be the current audience boycott.

financial weekly trainee reporter Wang Siqi / Shenzhen reported

November 22nd is a black Saturday for the "hardcore" of overseas drama. Professional subtitle portal shooter to a broken off from the title of the article over the operation of more than a decade of subtitles.

and on the same day, the original content of the film has also announced the closure of all China’s website. As early as a year ago, everyone on the film because of copyright issues were blacklisted by the American film association.

copyright, has been the biggest pain in this kind of subtitle video website. Because there is no legal authorization, can not be profitable behavior, followed by the problems of the operation of the site.

management problem becomes more and more obvious, Jian Wang action carried out to strike this kind of platform last month, the relevant departments of the state issued a notice in 2015, the new on-line foreign TV drama must come up with a season with a good film subtitle "to the local bureau of audit, through the audit, has introduced the license number may the on-line broadcast.

with the increasingly stringent regulation of the domestic copyright, coupled with the growing number of video sites through the regular purchase of the enjoyment of playing overseas drama copyright, resource sharing platform for increasingly harsh living environment.

Sagittarius network, such as Shen Sheng said, this requires Sagittarius era has gone away". Wen Qing style of academic exchange eventually arrived but got the "Jian Wang action, whether the future will be related to video website more desperate


large number of suspected infringement or off the Title Network

subtitles group is developed along with the popularization of overseas drama, members are generally gathered together because of love, most of them are foreign students or those who have overseas life experience. With the development of network technology, the continuous expansion of the subtitle group, alone, WeChat, micro-blog and QQ communication software to set up a special pitch camp, the subtitle publishing site, on the scale, through the establishment of network video server platform to buy, some even can provide video resources to download.

usually only need more than 10 people can complete a TV drama translation. Because there is a fixed play time per week, and it is usually a Monday to two episodes, so the subtitle group can only be completed in spare time. From the download source, to listen to translation, making the specific division of labor, and the suppression of video, check the subtitles proofreading works, and finally released products. The whole process sometimes only a few hours.

shooter network founder Shen Sheng also admitted that the establishment of the site is purely out of personal interest, the needs of users is a stereotype factor. Subtitle network is to meet the needs of some fans.

, however, the sharing of this kind of love has violated the copyright of the film and television drama. And none of these beneficiaries

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