Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week 8 18 8 24

personal webmaster’s future

the current situation of the domestic personal website is nothing more than a word "copy", as can be seen from several big station network, in addition to Admin5 webmaster network articles are mostly original, the other station is nothing more than you copied. Throughout the site on the alimama, almost the original copy.

dating website CEO Gong Haiyan: Helen of Troy entrepreneurial road

Gong Haiyan, a hard-working woman with Hunan, their pursuit and persistence, inadvertently paved their future, and to find their own happiness. "Still needs to All sufferings have their reward.," is her description of the status quo. Say, with her success is due to "self" and "ID".

website to make the most money limited IP

this article is mainly for the site monthly income of less than 1000 of the webmaster to see, the experts do not laugh. My personal experience does not necessarily help you much, welcome to post your exchange, share with you.

my college life

university is really a very happy thing, most people are carefree, every day thinking about how to pay more money to the home. Then go out and play. A person spends a lot of money a month, others do not have to say, because everyone must be based on their family situation in the money. As it seems to me that many people spend hundreds of dollars to buy a pair of shoes is a waste, there are also people looking at me is a waste of soda. Everyone from an early age to contact the environment is not the same, to say a more harmonious words, his world outlook, values are not the same". But I want to say is that have no shortage of money to their classmates not to the point of view of others.

now do what is the most important key to


many people think it is difficult to do, I need to cost, need a lot of things, and discouraged. Together analysis. Do a good website, first simple positioning, good location indicated the good direction, but we often to the site location in total in 3-5 months later changed the direction, with the increase of the experience, user interaction and passive site, can affect the positioning of the trend.

what kind of site can make money

recently, looking at a web site are fire up, so also want to plan some sites. Do not to entertain, but in order to make a profit. So what kind of website can be in the shortest possible time to produce benefits is considered a central issue.

years of experience in the failure of the station to give me the inspiration

June 2006, want suddenly to do a website, and then spent 200 yuan to buy space and domain name. At that time, I want to do a business class article station. I think that the content should be a lot of people want to see is. At that time, Baidu also reference a few startups. So looking for a new cloud CMS, collected a lot of entrepreneurship >

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