Search into the new era of the Three Kingdoms 360 storm Baidu Sogou back onlookers

the afternoon of August 29th 4, the Qihoo 360 issued a public letter, in the emphasis on their search strength. At the same time, offering "anti-monopoly" banner, directed at Baidu search market monopoly. Has always been considered a public relations expert Zhou Hongyi, the continuation of the war is still 3Q when the commercial ethics tactics.

however, in this has lasted more than a week 3B war, between 360 and Baidu change each other search results have proven that the so-called "users" are just fodder, up to about 20000000000 Yuan per year in the search market, is the main battlefield of both offensive and defensive "". A domestic search market battle seems to have been inevitable.

360 search in the fierce controversy and come

from the year 3721, a Qihoo, network search, until now 360 comprehensive search, 360 head Zhou Hongyi search complex has never been broken.

August 16th, 360 integrated search quietly on the line. Many users get up overnight, found in the past 360 browser set up their own search engine has been changed into a comprehensive search of 360. But only the "comprehensive search, video search" and "Q" is the 360’s own search engine, Baidu, Google and other references are the results of the search engines, so a crude, no ads, no promotion of web search engine, but after its introduction rapidly occupy 10% share of search traffic after Baidu. Even the 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi said the rapid growth of unexpected traffic.


private Qihoo.

has been in the high cold Baidu, in 360 after the advent of the search, finally moved. August 28th night, known as the "3B war," the prelude was the first to be opened by Baidu: 360 of the search results will be directly jump.

the evening of August 28th, "IT times" reporter found after the test, using some of the IE kernel (IE browser, Sogou browser, QQ browser), using 360 search related content, related to the results in Baidu know Baidu Post Bar, Baidu encyclopedia, click were unable to enter the link, it will forced to jump to the front page of Baidu. With this strong reduction of 360 Baidu search success rate.

In the face of Baidu

resorted Shazhao, 360 flew in color. August 29th morning, the reporter tried to use 360 search keywords, if you click on the relevant results from Baidu, will be taken to the page snapshot page. In the search results page, Interactive Encyclopedia also replaced the previous Baidu encyclopedia. As of the morning of August 30th, the offensive and defensive war has not yet ended, after the impact of Chrome, such as the use of Webkit Chromiu kernel browser has been a snapshot".

360 search in its official micro-blog issued a notice, all for Baidu, claiming to establish a safe and efficient search market. While Baidu is accused of violating the 360 search rob>

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