The lawyer sued Baidu customer fraud the worse effect of higher fees

Huang Wei, a lawyer at

in Shenzhen, has stepped up publicity on the Internet to buy Baidu’s "PPC" advertising service, which is paid by the actual clicks of the Internet users. But Mr. Huang recently repeatedly asked to explain fails, billing statistics on Baidu questioned, and in the days before the court, ask for public services related to the consumer details.

software since the purchase of the purchase of water

Huang Wei is a lawyer in a law firm in Shenzhen, since September 2005, he bought the Baidu PPC advertising service. Keywords the service according to the customer registration, when users in the Baidu search for the same keyword, customer information will appear in a prominent position of the search results page, click on the Baidu Inc to attract Internet users; according to click a quantity to charge customers.

just started, Huang lawyers really enjoy the benefits of online advertising. But after the Spring Festival in 2008, he was not satisfied. First of all, a significant reduction in the number of telephone calls, the previous day can receive four or five consulting phone, now only received an average of one or two per week. But Baidu’s fees are high, the average daily as long as more than 70 yuan per day, but this year has to be more than $120 per day to more than 200 yuan.

so, he spent nearly 2000 yuan to buy a set of click monitoring software. The results show that the monitoring software and Baidu provides the click data is clearly inconsistent.

asked to disclose details were repeatedly rejected

yellow lawyer asked Baidu Shenzhen branch to provide consumer details, but failed to get.

so he filed a complaint to the court, the Baidu (China) Co., Ltd and the Baidu (China) Co., Ltd Shenzhen branch were listed as the first defendant, the second defendant, required to open their own consumer details, and compensation for the loss of about 40 thousand yuan.

Huang lawyer said that the defendant in order to obtain illegal interests, arbitrarily set smart match approach to produce a large number of invalid advertising.

he told reporters that he had set the key word is "Shenzhen lawyer", but was set to "smart match", any included "Shenzhen" search, the results will appear on the page of his ad. Although these users are not their potential customers, but if the point of opening his advertising, or charge.

in addition, Huang lawyers also believe that Baidu fictional statistics, exaggerating the amount of consumer fraud customers. "I asked for many other published consumer details, click on the specific to each time, IP address, serial number of visitors visitors; ask for an explanation of" intelligent, "and the statistics, the relationship between the amount of consumption, and asked to cancel the ‘intelligent matching’ setting, failed to do so."

yellow lawyer said, according to the contract law and consumer protection law, consumers enjoy the right to know. Baidu has an obligation to provide a true consumer details, he as a buy Baidu PPC service customers, their consumption situation enjoy the right to know".

sued the court jurisdiction objection

in August 5th this year, Huang Wei Wei to Shenzhen Futian District court

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