ndependent micro blog web site to do because of insufficient funds to sell

July 21st morning news, China’s first batch of independent web site to do what micro-blog CEO Mu this morning to confirm to the NetEase science and technology, in the case of lack of funds and resources, management has decided to transfer the site.

what Chinese net is the first batch of independent micro-blog website, over the same period and Fanfou, sharawadgi network etc.. In July 2009, Fanfou and jiwai have been closed, then the industry has raised concerns about what future network.

since then in the second half of 2009 to early 2010, the major portals have launched micro-blog. Compared to the portal, independent of micro-blog’s own funds, users, regulators and other resources can not be compared.

Mou Zhijian said in an interview in a number of times, do not worry about competing with the portal, emphasizing what to do to do a professional micro-blog service provider. In March this year, do what the network also launched the rice no memorial hall, which supports the user in the network to do what the introduction of raw rice no network information, hoping to draw a group of rice no old users.

yesterday evening to do what the network has suddenly announced in a forum will be transferred to the news, and then Mou Zhijian confirmed the news to NetEase technology. Mou Zhi insists that, due to lack of funds and resources, the management has decided to transfer the website.

he believes that micro-blog is the Internet based communication technology in the next five to ten years, real time Internet technology represented by micro-blog, will have a profound impact on the new media, e-commerce, instant messaging, mobile community applications, believe that prospects for the development of Internet connectivity and mobile network services at micro-blog, "but my resources. Not enough, hope to find a good club."

in the sale of what to do after the network, do what the network team has also continued to provide micro-blog outsourcing services to other sites, which is one of the main sources of income to do what the network. Previously, what to do in the capital network mainly rely on the initial angel investment, from the site on 2007 to this year did not get the risk of investment.

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