Ministry of ndustry issued the personal information protection guide draft

recently, the Ministry issued a "information security technology, personal information protection guide" draft, the requirements of the main guide of personal information rights, information management and other aspects of the use of personal information provided.

strengthen the right to know, the right to ban

is responsible for the drafting of the draft of the China Software Testing Center Deputy Director Gao Chiyang to protect personal information that has been hitherto unknown challenge, the introduction of the draft standard is that the establishment and perfection of the personal information protection policy for now has a large number of the user’s personal information website further, personal information protection and effective measures.


draft includes personal information managers should not be in the main personal information is not informed, did not participate in the case take covert techniques or indirect collection of personal information; personal information subject is justified request to delete their personal information, personal information managers should promptly remove personal information; personal information managers should be required to minors under the age of 16 to submit personal information etc.. Thus, it gives the individual more and more clear rights, especially the right to know and the right to ban".

performs for inspection

Gao Chiyang said, although many experts on "may be controversial or non clear terms put forward various suggestions timely guide", but still want to solicit the views of society. He sighed in the drafting of the nature and content of the website at the same time, and from time to time change, perhaps the drafters cannot know more specific problems of every hue.

Professor Mei Shaozu

Chinese Electronic Commerce Association Committee of experts told reporters, because of the lack of important provisions necessary for the protection of personal information policies, supervision mechanism and implementation of policy implementation is not clear, so that users in a passive situation in safeguarding their own rights, so the introduction of the "guide" such a clear policy is the first.

from the current point of view, there are still many sites do not accurately describe the specific content and the third party collecting personal information collection and use of the specific way of collecting information, nor do related to information transfer, the user’s personal information on other users to read, no public statement or notice of the website that the user’s consent. Clear violation of the right to know.

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