Do the nternet website better and better personal investment in precious metals

Internet development driven website investment

for the current domestic individual investors, the traditional investment, including real estate, savings, securities, futures, and gold these five categories. Traditional investment has disadvantages. Changes in the value of real estate is small, but by the investment environment and policy impact. Although the income is high, but the risk is also very great; the value of savings changes by the impact of higher inflation, liquidity / liquidity and cash is basically equal, but the profit (interest) is poor. Especially low interest rates currently has even entered the era of negative interest rates, investment income has shrunk lower; securities are bonds and stocks, the value of the political, economic, macro monetary policy influence, liquidity / liquidity is higher; expensive gold as the precious metal hedge, the strongest in CPI high pressure and the greater the inflation now, the investment boom continues unabated. Like silver, antiques, jewelry, watches and so on investment, each has advantages and disadvantages, become an important investment market five investment abroad.

traditional investment has its own advantages and disadvantages, how to find the advantages and play its role in accordance with the purpose of their own investors, financial resources and investment knowledge and awareness to decide. At present, the traditional investment due to rising inflation, CPI and policy has been slightly decline, domestic economy is constantly changing, individual investors are opening up new investment direction. At present, as a kind of new investment industry, the website investment is gradually entering the sight of individual investors, setting off a hot spot of investment. The investment boom is closely related to the development of the internet. According to the relevant data show that the current Internet contribution to global GDP $1 trillion and 672 billion. Accounted for 2.9% of global GDP. The Internet in China GDP share has reached 2.6%. It is expected that in the next few years this proportion will continue to rise, more than the global average. The site in addition to produce a variety of innovative value through the dissemination of information interaction, combined with traditional industries, through e-commerce, industry websites and other forms for traditional industry provides a new platform for marketing and sales mode, promote each other, complement each other.

The role of

website in the Internet is increasing, the value is also increasing. It is the site of investment transactions getting better. As of December 2011, the number of Chinese websites reached 1 million 910 thousand, with e-commerce, industry websites, SNS led by China’s small and medium-sized websites are constantly creating a variety of value. In addition to well-known websites continue to improve, through a variety of integration to achieve the purpose of listing financing, small and medium-sized site in the new round of the transition from the small and medium-sized site poised to rise, in the birth of profit of over ten million, huge potential value website. What is the value of the site is the traditional industry investors value, a pile of website investment transaction also indicates that the next few years website investment will become the traditional industry investment after another big investment in emerging areas.

is more conservative than traditional investment

some people compare web sites to "precious metals" on the Internet

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