The failure of a tool class grassroots website


Internet has a well-known "70-20-10 law": "in general, in a field of information technology, there is a occupy sixty or seventy per cent of the market leader, as well as a stable twenty or thirty per cent of the market. The rest of a group of small businesses accounted for ten percent or less of the market." It is a winner of the game, which unlike WAL-MART and roadside grocery stores aunt, WAL-MART can kill a large company, but the aunt shops still live well. In the Internet market, the giants of the flesh and bones to eat clean, only small and medium-sized companies increasingly difficult. The pioneering period grassroots webmaster live fairly moist in the domestic Internet legend, but with the rise of the habits of the traditional Internet and mobile Internet user setting, this day is gone.

there is a type of three grassroots website, no background, no investment, no fixed team. Different from the establishment of the Internet network most legendary grassroots website, is the founder of the professional technical background, in the GitHub, understand the Internet products like the Basecamp, play RubyOnRails, Node.js that is fresh, with a better vision of Internet products and some user needs are not well satisfied that it created its own service. Maybe this is a good story, because that was the start of Facebook, but on the contrary, the founder of limited capacity, lack of experience, not good at mining potential partners in the same dormitory students, do not have the ability in only a few times in the face of potential investors will put money in the machine to get, in the hundreds of thousands after the accumulation of users still can not find the way of survival over the Internet about similar.

so this guy think I do is tool products solve a problem, do not have too much social value, according to the service charge is the usual means of profit of this kind of product, and their home so hard, why not just do their own good things, make the product, to win customers. Then this guy was so dry, cut the need for more energy make snap Operation website community module, launched a mobile browser version of the site also took three months to do a IOS App posted to the App Store, and then put the product into a paid service, 60 yuan a year.

may make the reader of the story below expectations, but this is not a story without what product charges after the old The path winds along mountain ridges., users are called, have expressed understanding, there are quietly paid users, lost a lot, but the product is really living down. For Internet start-ups, this is a story of failure, but if you think of him as a normal business, the business is still OK, the survival of the business is good business.

look back at the story, maybe we can sum up some

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