Pirated video sites from the first sentence the suspect was sentenced to 6 months

JINGWAH Times News (reporter Sun Siya) yesterday, Haidian procuratorate informed that the prosecution of the case by the hospital Zhang copyright infringement case. Zhang constituted the crime of copyright infringement and the circumstances are serious, was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, a fine of RMB 20 thousand yuan. In the case of the Ministry of Public Security launched Jian Wang action since Beijing City prosecutors handled the first video network infringement cases, but also the country’s first hit video tort website success judgment of criminal cases.

July 30, 2013, police received a number of websites reported that two websites through the online play way broadcast LETV, and websites such as exclusive exclusive right to network dissemination of information and television works. After receiving the report, from the date of filing, and on the next day, arrested the suspect zhang.

Zhang explained after appearing in court, in March 2013, he purchased the domain name of the website through the shopping website, and learn the relevant technology of the site after renting a server, has established two video website: "2345 hit", "star S film", in order to provide depth way links free supply of Internet users to watch. Video site in the process of running, through the collection of software to automatically search the Internet on the seed resources stored on the server. Internet users need to use a specific server when watching a video film, and the user does not need to jump when viewing the page directly click on the site within the corresponding links can be viewed.

contractors prosecutors told reporters at Baiyun Mountain, the initial establishment and operation process of pirate websites is not complicated, according to Zhang’s confession, only need to follow the establishment of operational guidelines, after the registration according to the requirements of the template operation step by step, the prototype ten minutes a pirate site will be able to build the station, a lot of supporting the technology can almost be a key generation.

According to Zhang

said, he registered as a member in the advertising alliance, advertising alliance will send the corresponding advertising code, which will be reserved for the corresponding advertising advertising programming code input to establish their own web site, web page will automatically generate the corresponding advertising. The Advertising Federation will import the advertising fee into its bank account monthly. Zhang is through this way, cooperation with a number of advertising registration, collect fees in accordance with the ad clicks within the site or display quantity by way of profit, just four or five months time, the profit amounted to 40 thousand yuan.

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