The 7 digit acquired from Cai Wensheng flower chanting the domain name is not a Alibaba

renamed China ( September 1st hearing, after Ali’s ant financial on-line a "flower chanting" products, to cut the hand of the party who has no money to buy buy buy! Recently, domain name investors Paul spend small 7 digit price, from gangster Cai Wensheng acquired the "flower." Larry domain


: Flowers chant

query domain name WHOIS, the domain name has been registered in 2002, in the near future there have been WHOIS update records. The domain name meaning "flower chanting, chanting words north," and so on, which corresponds to the Alibaba’s flowers chant ant a financial and credit card payment function of similar products, the official domain name is

flower chanting launched in December last year, the ant micro credit line in the Alipay in the consumer credit services, consumer support users in Taobao, Tmall, confirmed after receiving 10 days before the month of repayment.

addition, Paul also acquired a shopping and the Larry domain, the domain name meaning "preferential" meaning, straightforward and easy to understand. For love shopping for the friends of the word "preferential" absolute suction eye. If the domain is used to build a shopping platform, business website, discount sale platform must be very good.

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