WeChat based technology inventor eight years ago has had to transfer patent millet Lei Jun

is really Facebook to $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp this thing makes me want to tell this story." Beijing time on the evening of March 15th, Shanghai, as a student at University of Illinois in Chicago, Zhao Jianwen told reporters about the success and wealth of a lost story through the story of.

is now in the global hot WeChat, WhatsApp, line, KIK, are used in a fundamental technology based mobile mail list based on instant messaging application, and this person early in 2006 invented this technology, and the application of the instant communication method and system of the patent "based on a mobile phone or telephone to include China Intellectual Property Office". However, the patent did not give him any opportunity.

honestly, in recent years, every time I see more than hundreds of millions of WhatsApp users, line users more than hundreds of millions, including later WhatsApp active users of more than Facebook, my heart like a knife cut in the same pain." On twenty-first Century Zhao Jianwen Economic Herald reporter said: "do you know how hard it is China entrepreneurs in? I was looking for investment to according to the technology foundation of entrepreneurship, but they think I’m just a technology, it can’t happen."

a patent eight years ago

in March 10th when a reporter noted that Zhao Jianwen in the global occupation social network linkedIn, linkedIn introduced his resume: "WeChat/line/WhatsApp Inventor (CN 101155324)", "the inventor of WeChat/line/WhatsApp".

reporter found Zhao Jianwen "patents based on a mobile phone or phone book include instant messaging method and system" by Google patent search: "based on the invention discloses a method and system include instant messaging or mobile phone book, enjoy the many benefits of instant communication, improving efficiency in communication, cost savings. The technical proposal is: through the mobile phone number, mobile phone client user ID information synchronized to the server, and the corresponding relationship between the two in the server to establish user basic information table, as user registration and allows the user to login on the basis of legality. The mobile phone book is imported into the client data storage unit, or the mapping relationship between the two is established. Instant messaging system based on the contact between the user and the phone in the conversion to the phone number or the phone number corresponding to the formation of ID for instant messaging ID, the user through the phone number associated. The invention can notify the user contact to the telephone contact. Users of wireless network based on instant messaging over 2.5G. The invention is applied in the field of mobile communication."

The invention relates to a method and a system for instant communication, in particular to an instant communication method and system based on or containing a mobile phone book of the



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