Our 12 yellow web members arrested

      in November 2nd, the reporter learned from the Zhengzhou city procuratorate, a major offence of spreading obscene articles in the Central District Court concluded the case. Of the 12 people involved, more than half of them are young and highly educated, including a total of 5 college students and a senior high school teacher.

host pornographic websites publish obscene profit

53 year old Liu Hong, in the yellow website upload a lot of pornographic pictures and novels, as when the website forum moderator.

August 2008, Liu Hong login "in their own home energy-saving" porn sites, and apply for the website forum account. In 2009 January, Liu Hong began to "energy-saving" network as the forum site management, manage the website forum 9 plates and 55 small plates of the more than and 40 moderators, the moderator of the appointment and removal of.

to May of this year, the site has accumulated a lot of popularity, and gradually improve and began to enter the profitable stage. Web site to join a number of foreign illegal advertising alliance, set up a large number of fraudulent links on the site, through the user clicks to profit. Way to profit information is sold around prostitution our empire ", the site posted a number of female prostitutes and price information," clients "to understand in more detail, they must pay virtual gold to click to enter, but requires users to buy virtual coins through bank remittance.

12 members of the

"energy-saving" all arrested

in May this year, the Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment found "energy-saving" forum alleged dissemination of pornographic materials, the forum administrator "energy-saving" (net) in Zhengzhou. After investigation, "our company is a Canadian website of sunshine international entertainment under the union, through the sale of VIP account, integral and profit Forum Forum gold. June 19th, the Municipal Public Security Bureau set up a task force, in the case of relatively clear, divided into 11 groups to Xinyang, Zhumadian, Zhoukou, Anhui, Jiangsu and Shanghai and other places, arrested the suspect, a total of 12 people.

after the court held that the defendant Liu Hong, etc., the use of the Internet to disseminate pornographic electronic information, the circumstances are serious, his behavior constituted the crime of spreading obscene articles, shall be punished according to law. In the case of 12 defendants good attitude after appearing in court, so their sentences. The crime of dissemination of pornographic material in accordance with the law, Liu Hong was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment, the remaining 11 defendants were also jailed.

The new situation and new features of

porn website

City People’s Procuratorate anti corruption Bureau case management office deputy director Zhang Yuluo said that the current Internet pornographic activities mainly has the following new features: domestic criminals will be transferred to the online foreign pornographic websites, wantonly spread to domestic, the development of members, illegal profits; on network information dissemination of pornographic information using tools audiovisual website, website of mobile phone WAP, blogs, podcasts and online pornography; tissue sheet.

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