Porn network was set up half of the 50 thousand members of the identity of the site unexpected

newspaper reporter Zhang

newspaper correspondent Gu Jianbing

network has a pornographic video more than 2 months, more than 100 copies of pornographic pictures more than 3000 articles, pornographic video online watch, single link more than and 700 pornographic video online watch hits more than 1000 times, the total storage capacity of the mobile hard disk using 60TB evidence (1024GB=1TB).

Jiangsu Province, Rudong County People’s court recently by the national pornography office, Ministry of Public Security jointly supervise the spread of a large network of pornographic materials case verdict, Liu Jiefan’s crime of dissemination of pornographic materials, was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, fined 10 thousand yuan. The other 17 principal in the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials were sentenced from criminal punishment to 1 years imprisonment for 3 months.

set up half a year membership of 50 thousand

in April this year, Jiangsu City, Nantong Public Security Bureau network security detachment found a job information: Rudong, a netizen JSRD often manage, maintain a foreign entertainment forum called SIS360 entertainment online.

police found this is a porn site, and the server is located in the United States, the site of the private sector in a large number of pornographic videos, pictures, text content, browsing hidden, click amazing.

Nantong City, county public security organs two quickly set up a task force to investigate. In July 6th, the last major suspect Wang was arrested in Shenyang, so far, the 31 suspects arrested in full. With the expansion of the investigation, a business has only six months, but the scale of the Yellow Empire has revealed the true colors.

login pornographic sites need to register as members, members are divided into ordinary members and VIP members. Ordinary members according to the browsing permissions, and divided into limited membership, novice Meizuan until more than 10 levels of membership. Ordinary members can register, post replies, website promotion and other ways to get the website integral and the "gold", or by remittance recharge to become the site of VIP members. VIP members are not restricted access rights.

as of the incident, the pornographic sites registered more than 5 members, all over Beijing, Shanghai and other more than 20 provinces and cities, the hottest video hits up to ten million. The rapid development of the site, the momentum of the shock.

site personnel identity unexpected

The 18 principal

of the case from 10 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government. Most investigators surprised is that the case is the culprit, the site’s founder Liu Jie, turned out to be a suffering from polio, only primary school culture degree of the second grade, the slightly stiff disabled.

with the arrest of the work carried out, one in the case of investigators seems almost impossible to present in front of the eyes: Zhang, another year will be retired in the national public post

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