n the suspect closed again and CNNC nets has issued a statement

enthusiastic owners posting said, earlier in the day that Shandong Shun net cannot be accessed again, it cannot return data. Ping.

had been reported because of jurisprudence in the encounter stop parsing, and then publish Shun net website announcement, said China million net only by the phone a CNNIC notification of arbitrary stop has submitted the complaint form Shun net analysis, to CNNIC.


have been submitted to the CNNIC table), January 30th, China will shun net closed event nets, CNNIC joint announcement, that will not be tolerated in any a jurisprudence site.

February 1st, the owners said in the closing again. But after the Whois query, found that the domain name is normal, but the site can not access Ping, E23.com.cn normal, it was unclear because of jurisprudence is external event to be confirmed or closed network fault.

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