Peng Liyuan used ZTE Nubia burst red behind Jingdong dig 100 million yuan margin to help hype


Peng Liyuan Nubia Z5 mobile phone camera

is now the most red domestic mobile phone brand, than ZTE’s Nubia (Chinese called Nubian). But few people know that this is not favored in the early release of the new mobile phone brand, has become one of the most popular mobile phone series online channels, in addition to the reasons that you know everything there is to promote the Jingdong and "JDPhone plan".

Jingdong is how to contribute to the cooperation with Nubia in the process of how the ups and downs of the JDPhone plan is how to start?

100 million yuan margin accident

"at the beginning of last year, we started planning JDPhone." Jingdong senior vice president Wang Xiaosong in an interview with the NetEase of science and technology, JDPhone is not a Jingdong’s own brand mobile phone, but according to the analysis of Jingdong platform user feedback and data, discuss together with the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone parameters and price revision, precision marketing.

Jingdong consumer evaluation is completely true, any evaluation can not be modified or deleted. We can sort out the bad reviews and find out what the pain is." Wang Xiaosong said, some products do not do a good job at some point is a pity. For example, some products have a large screen, good camera, but the memory is very small, the user’s perception is to play the game when the frequent crashes, the experience is not good."

with these questions, Wang Xiao ungird Jingdong team, from the beginning of last year began to visit a lot of mobile phone manufacturers. "We are mainly talking with vendors, users are very concerned about what point, can work together to launch some of the better products for users." Wang Xiaosong said that the beginning of the discussion is not smooth, because the mobile phone manufacturers have a lot of concerns, such as certain parameters increased, the price will increase, the user will not accept.

for mobile phone manufacturers of these concerns, Jingdong gives the reply is: Jingdong is willing to commit to a certain amount of sales, but also willing to use very low gross profit to try to cooperate sales.

Jingdong is the first contact nubiaZ5mini (calf). It is understood that this is the Nubia brand after the release of the second products, the first product nubiaZ5 at the time of the release price 3456 yuan, then, the new brand has not been accepted by the market, the price has also developed a very strange, so sales are not ideal.

I get nubiaZ5mini, open the phone to see the wiring is very good, configuration is also very mainstream, especially the experience of taking pictures is very good, focus and metering is separated." Wang Xiaosong recalls, when the Nubia team wants to put this phone priced at 2345 yuan, but we think that if this is the price, sales will certainly not warm, so the building

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