Domain name thin under the law of the short domain name trading dynamics

short domain both in foreign and domestic market of its market value is higher, especially in the 1 to 3 characters of the short domain value is even more expensive, recently more and more domestic and foreign enterprises and the acquisition of short domain name to the operation of the brand website, the ninth city company has successfully enabled short domain 9c.com on-line game website launched its new web site in Xiangfan. The successful acquisition of CN short domain wp.com.cn and so on.

short domain name value gradually by domestic enterprises, the acquisition of the domestic industry emerge in an endless stream and enable the abbreviation short domain case, German Agency Dusseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. the successful purchase of abbreviation short domain name mds.cn, website China Disney authorized the Shanghai smart network company bought CN short domain name dol.cn, easytour travel network purchased a short domain 1u.com the company should be mutual education technology nearly 200 thousand yuan acquisition of the domain name en.com.cn, leaf pig game network enabled three spell abbreviations domain name yzz.cn, blog China Dongming Yiwu founder Fang Xing Kai global network with the qqw.com.cn domain name and so on.

can be seen from the above, the domestic enterprises are not limited to select only the phonetic domain in various fields games, education and tourism have enabled short domain name, the domain type and enable short diversification, especially the initials of the short name is loved by domestic enterprises, enterprises often implement the protection of the registered abbreviation short domain name in the domain name spelling hold.

Of course

short domain name in the foreign market is very popular, and enable the auction case is not in the minority, buy domain name abbreviation maac.com real estate company Mid-America enterprise Apartment Communities the price of nearly 430 thousand yuan, the TZ.com domain name for $80000. The film, price about 540 thousand yuan, short domain name zum.com for $28000 about 200 thousand yuan price in overseas trading, PMS.com domain name auction platform has received a number of bids, bid up to $26000 of the price of 170 thousand yuan.

can be seen from the above, the foreign market short domain type is relatively single, the transaction is based on the international mainstream com English domain name suffix letters, while in the domestic market on the short name of its popular with local characteristics is the CN domain name, the domain name is easy to spread and has a type of cultural sense of belonging in the domestic market, more many domestic users accept.

the above, short domain growth space is very large, this type of domain name has commercial value, and the domestic and foreign enterprises and domain name enthusiasts for such short domain name is more optimistic about the future, short domain application of 1 to 3 characters will be more, will also promote the enterprise and the domain name for such enthusiast short domain name.

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