The Ding Dong District denied funds Lianduanlie community O2O profit model to be solved

every reporter Wang Minjie from Shanghai

days ago, Internet rumors, the well-known APP community O2O Ding Dong District due to funding strand breaks, collapse. Ding Dong District of Beijing has closed, Shanghai area is also cut 70%. More importantly, the Ding Dong District billion financing depleted, and the board of directors decided not to invest.

yesterday (October 13th), Ding Dong district official told the "daily economic news" reporter confirmed that Beijing company closed a thing, but its emphasis on the capital chain does not break. At present, the company is in a strategic adjustment, in addition to reducing the size of the follow-up will focus on the product, to be successful in Shanghai market model and then to other markets.

community O2O very fire, but in the industry view, O2O entrepreneurship is not easy, blind expansion of the neglect of demand is not desirable. There is no success in the community O2O model appears.

exit Beijing focus on the

market in ShanghaiIt is reported that

, Beijing’s former employees who worked in the Ding Dong District of the media broke the news that Beijing has closed the Ding Dong District, Shanghai area is also 70% layoffs, at present Shanghai area with more than 40 people. In addition, the Ding Dong District billion yuan financing has been spent, the board decided not to invest.

after the news came out, immediately aroused concern. All along, the community O2O are the focus of the market. In the capital again chasing industry background, news of the Ding Dong District surprising.

according to the reporter, in May this year, Ding Dong District said that it has got the billion scale angel investment at the beginning of this year, investment institutions is a listed company. At that time, the Ding Dong District said that its ultimate purpose is not to stay in the community, in addition to began in Beijing City, will also introduce third party cooperation division, including access to businesses, housekeeping, carpool, housing and other various third party O2O service. But based on the overall plan, when there are many people worried about the industry’s capital chain.

for the news, the Ding Dong District relevant responsible person said to the "daily economic news" reporter, Ding Dong District of the capital chain is not broken, the board of directors has not decided not to invest. It is reported that its current account still has tens of millions of funds, no large-scale advertising is due to continue now to focus on product.

the responsible person also said that the Beijing market has been out of the Ding Dong District is a fact, but there are still 200 people around Shanghai area. Ding Dong stronghold in Shanghai, and decided to close the Beijing company, the Shanghai services do consider expansion. It is reported that the company structure has been adjusted, some departments have also done a streamlined. "We want to focus on the Shanghai market, then copied to Beijing will be easier."

fact, Ding Dong District in the beginning of the line, the founder and CEO of Liang Changlin was that the line expansion must be fast, let the user know the community O2O battlefield is the Ding Dong District, and then slowly transform the online product. For now, despite the funding strand breaks, face >

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