Ma Yun reminded us electricity supplier is to pay taxes sooner or later

two crown seller "knife":

"after the tax issue can be solved?"

unexpectedly, Taobao two crown seller "knife" was not very much for taxation. The annual turnover of more than one million yuan of "Dao", although know that once Taobao began to levy taxes on small sellers, they must be in the range of tax, but he said, "the big situation, the tax is only a matter of time, the tax for the current online debate topic, I am very concerned about, but not surprised."

in 2011 by the architect of the switch in the creative gift business "knife", spent two years Taobao shop to do the two crown level, although up to now, the shop with him a total of only three people, another two people he is 8 per year million yuan to hire a small cost. "The knife" trade size of nearly 1 million 500 thousand yuan, net profit also looks quite impressive, remove all operating expenses, about a year remaining net profit of 700 thousand yuan.

6000 yuan monthly rent of 7000 yuan, the staff costs, "knife" of this "type" operation mode is most Taobao small sellers survival tips. For a considerable part of the online shopping consumers, the attraction of online shopping is precisely the kind of business model to save the cost of the retail price of the attraction.

once the tax, the beginning of damage must be our seller’s profits." "Knife" said, "at the same time, for consumers, is likely to face the fact that the price of commodity prices. Once the tax is too high, resulting in online commodity prices rose significantly, even not much difference between with the store, consumers do not have much benefit to be made, also face the problem of survival for the shop."

however, this thing for taxation to think so that a "knife." but on how to pay taxes, taxes and tax may face how much profit will be erased completely don’t understand. In his view, from last year’s operating conditions, they should be able to bear the pressure brought about by taxes, not to let their own business can not go on.

"From our

sellers, certainly not willing to pay, in fact, in addition to some sellers like me profit is also good, there are a considerable number of sellers in the low profit operation, although can reach millions of sales, but profits are also 100 thousand yuan. What do they do? "" knife "said," but from the aspects of sound, tax seems imperative, only a matter of time."

"knife" for electricity providers this thing showing a passive acceptance, he hoped that, once the tax is levied, such as imitation fake online shopping market can solve the problem, the operation of the market can be more standardized, so serious business days can be better than some small sellers. In addition, such as logistics and other constraints on the important problem of small sellers can really be resolved.

morning news reporter Sun Rain


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