2013 network marketing you will choose micro blog or WeChat

The main position of network marketing in 2012

non micro-blog perfectly, 2013 Internet marketing positions or micro-blog, micro-blog and WeChat will choose who you


micro-blog has a huge user groups and sales businesses, through micro-blog marketing and traditional marketing is the biggest difference between the cost of a small, wide spread, fast spread, timely dissemination of information, information sharing quickly. Is the promotion of the majority of online positions, is the marketing position of small businesses, is a large enterprise brand publicity heavy, all kinds of micro-blog invisible war wave after wave, especially the price war, the war of words. Micro-blog now has a variety of existing forms, distributed on a number of platforms, desktop, browser, mobile terminals, such as micro-blog quick entrance. Many major events are caused by micro-blog attention and get good results, a lot of moving events are excavated through micro-blog. A lot of micro-blog body hot up, a lot of micro-blog event worthy of attention, micro-blog is a good tool for everyone to communicate with each other, the best method is to share knowledge and events, so we have to transfer the marketing position to micro-blog.

2012 micro-blog

diversified marketing practices and patterns and practical localization at the same time, micro-blog has been a hot war, micro-blog initiated electricity supplier price war, micro-blog mobile phone and mobile phone millet caused 360 battle that mistress of the war, micro-blog micro-blog body caused enough body, The Smurfs body, micro-blog lead to hot topics including "the 2012 London Olympics" and the "Jiangnan stlye" "The Voice of China" and "Beijing rain" and other hot topics, and the birth of micro-blog word "grass root". Jiangnan stlye imitation crazy, horse dance version of the emergence of such a variety of people on the Internet to stimulate the spirit of entertainment micro-blog. Look at micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog has become the Internet will do. Micro-blog has also become an important position of network marketing.

WeChat after the fire is also gradually force, through the support of a huge number of QQ users, WeChat seems to be more prosperous than micro-blog, more suitable for network marketing. I believe everyone in the same time playing micro-blog is also playing WeChat, playing WeChat than playing micro-blog seems to be more fun. Because WeChat’s communication seems to be closer and deeper. At the same time, WeChat is able to transfer information, can also transmit video transmission, SMS and MMS messages, WeChat is a chat tool also supports multi group chat. Not only to support more people to chat, but also support micro-blog, QQ mailboxes, drift bottles and other plug-in features, but also supports video chat and query stock quotes. WeChat as an instant messaging tool with email, text messaging and phone calls are the best CRM tools.

micro-blog was forced to accept the information type, while WeChat is "allowed". When micro-blog is @ to, even if you’re not his fans can see the information belongs to the passive acceptance of information, it is mostly @ micro-blog advertising belongs to micro-blog. WeChat is when you want to push the information must be added to each other’s account in order to receive each other’s information, or directly scan each other’s two-dimensional code, in order to receive the other party’s WeChat news. WeChat receives the message

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