Jiang Likun correct network marketing promotion of some mistakes

flash, and spent several months in recent months have been busy, after the Spring Festival, the first is for the new office, then the purchase of office supplies, followed by the start of a new line of work period of enrollment, teaching etc.. It hasn’t been updated his blog. Say sorry to the readers on my blog. The first time was zero and the information of the invitation, on children’s day with friends and zero information for e-commerce, network marketing and other aspects of the topic of some discussion and exchanges, in this special interview will collate release is a long time not update the blog and write out, lazy, enrich the content. The two is back, and we share these views and ideas. Due to the time, the content of not to edit, also please forgive me. The following is an interview record:

zero sum information – Dong: for e-commerce website, what kind of strategy should be used, how to promote?

Jiang Likun: e-commerce, simply to sell things. Trading, since ancient times there. From ancient times, business is the most core principles are the same, just one is honesty, so is the electronic commerce, is only to do business online platform for. But integrity, must be the first. Now a lot of electricity providers can not do it, in fact, there is no good faith is a very important reason. The integrity of the basic, to consider how to do. If you sum up, marketing strategy should focus on the word of mouth and the brand to do a good job of service. I’m not advocating a price war. Specific methods, this must be based on the actual situation. In fact, there are so many marketing methods, summarize, not more than 10 kinds. What is the most commonly used network advertising, text, news, event marketing, Forum promotion what, but in practice, the details of the operation are different, so the key is according to their own situation, choose suitable method. For example, the money directly to the ad hit OK. Like every guest, like the promotion of Taobao, are relying on advertising. If there is no money, then choose a cost-effective approach. The key is in the implementation process, combined with their actual situation to do a good job.

zero sum information – Dong: SEO?

Jiang Likun: SEO is basically a basic method, is a site in use. SEO it is generally divided into two kinds, and now most people do, is actually the optimization of the front level. But the general large companies, high-end SEO, the whole is the back-end, the technical level of the.

group Friends problem: I am a B2C mall to sell watches, watch industry word query volume is very small, at present we have put the focus of the watch brand words, such as Rolex, Tissot and so on in the Baidu home page. How to enlarge the flow through the SEO strategy 3-5 times a little bit more directly that is what can be done in terms of keywords.

Jiang Likun: if you are involved in the industry a lot of words, but relatively speaking, the amount is not large, then do a good job of direct bidding. Another electricity supplier is not the focus of traffic, is a deal. On the basis of the transaction

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