Burn 2 billion vip com expands the storage without fear of loss

on the sale of computer, also started to enter the "heavy" electric rail. Yesterday, executives and investors to disclose the contents of the conference call shows that the future of’s massive investment in logistics infrastructure. chairman and CEO Shen Ya said to investors, the future of’s investment in a large number of logistics infrastructure, including the last mile of the building. CFO Yang Donghao, the company said, the next one or two years, plans to spend $150 million -2 billion annually for warehouse expansion. This means that the total investment will exceed 2 billion yuan.

since last year,’s investment in warehousing and logistics has been tilted. also through investment or holding local courier companies to solve the last mile self built problem. Shen Ya revealed that before the end of the year, investment, holding the courier company can deliver’s 50% orders; by the end of next year, the proportion will reach 75%-80%.

electricity supplier self built warehousing and logistics system on the one hand to ensure customer service experience, but on the other hand, companies need huge capital investment. However, the stock price continued rising and better financed is confident. According to the announcement, as of September 30th, the only product of the club held a total of cash and cash equivalents of $668 million, held to maturity securities worth $491 million.

but the industry is worried that too much capital investment will cause pressure on the company’s financial losses. This is one of the reasons for the loss of electricity providers, Jingdong as one of the enterprises. However, the data show that this year, logistics costs accounted for the proportion of total revenue in decline. in the three quarter to fulfill expenditure in the proportion of net revenues of $9.6%, down from last year’s $11.5%.

Yang Donghao said, this is the company to expand the warehouse area, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs; on the other hand is the continued reduction in the three quarter of the group purchase business, the company set the price ratio of each ring alone is a 9% increase, these are the causes of the three quarter of the logistics costs account for the proportion of total revenue decline.

electricity supplier self warehousing logistics system has become the only choice for large electricity providers. 2011, Su ningyun is said to be completed in 2015 60 storage centers and 8-10 large sorting center, which requires 18 billion -200 million yuan investment. In January of the same year, the Alibaba group and its financial partners announced plans to invest 20 billion -300 billion yuan, after gradually in the country to build a storage network system, a three-dimensional medium, then Alibaba group and partners to raise more than 100 billion yuan to develop logistics system; also in that year, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong said, will invest billions in logistics construction within five years.

electricity supplier has invested heavily in self built logistics, on the one hand is the need for business development, on the other hand can also increase the valuation of the capital market for the enterprise, after all, warehousing and logistics system is a value-added investment.

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