Transformation of Dangdang too fashion really good

to change the name, change LOGO, change the slogan, Dangdang is experiencing intense transformation, close to the comprehensive electricity supplier, and Dangdang in the transition road are watching the "fashion" does not let go, in cooperation with the China Fashion Designers Association, this path of small and beautiful "fashion" in addition to deepen the impression, for Dangdang is transformation. To say the quality of help.

has been brewing for two months and the designer has finally taken a substantial step in selling clothes.

27, Dangdang and China Fashion Designers Association announced in Beijing, the two sides to build DANG· DHUB designer platform officially launched. Based on this platform, the current international fashion week 13 outstanding designers in the spring and summer series of new products in the synchronization on the line, and to achieve exclusive pre-sale. So far, Dangdang shouted a year of fashion slogan finally landed.

Prior to this,

has used a series of actions to tell you, Dangdang is not just a book selling sites.

in the second half of 2012 began to transform Dangdang, established as a new focus of clothing business. In September last year, Dangdang announced turned fashion electricity supplier, then it has been to strengthen its fashion label. In September this year, dangdang.com announced a strategic partnership with the Chinese Fashion Designers Association, create China original design support platform, make excellent designers to sell clothes in Dangdang online, really in the "fashion" made substantive exploration.

shortly after this, Dangdang announced the change of name, change LOGO, used for 15 years to change the slogan.

general electricity supplier to change its name by its special consideration. For example, Taobao mall renamed Tmall, Jingdong mall renamed Jingdong, are in order to go to the main industry, the strategic transformation of the integrated electricity supplier transformation. Change the name of natural dangdang.com go to war is no exception, but also to the strategic transformation to the whole category. This is just as Li Guoqing said before, Dangdang need to reshape the brand, change the inherent understanding of the book electricity supplier, to inject their own fashion gene.

Dangdang transformation, a lot of people seem to be a little bit of the pace of the big step, and sometimes also pull off. For example, the sheep to Inner Mongolia, pushing its own brand of "Dangdang cashmere" this, so in the transformation of critical juncture, seems to be a "proper" behavior, but Li Guoqing is serious, for which he also specifically went to Inner Mongolia to find brands and see genuine cashmere factory.

"cashmere scarves and cashmere clothing is the most difficult consumer segments of the category, is it really is cashmere? Is the 97 Western standards, we? Our plight is different from other brands, not allow customers to identify." Li Guoqing to push their own fashion brands seem very concerned about.

but Li Guoqing also had to admit that the current push for its own brand is not very mature dangdang. In his view, the annual sales reached 6 billion scale, is to do an independent designer brand a starting point, which independence >

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