How to effectively put advertising Conversion and related traffic which king

with computer, did not say the key in a leisurely and carefree mood. On the network has its own characteristics of products or services, can adhere to the industry has been mixed, must be accompanied by a profitable process. The realization of this process requires the use of this complex Internet for all kinds of promotion. A lot of people and I continue to explore in the accumulation of a certain amount of thinking and experience, slowly from the QQ group, the forum to promote such a hard way to spend money to buy machinery.

now do not talk about search engine bidding, not to mention the advertising alliance, not to talk about high traffic, large portal. Only for the active on the Internet in small and medium-sized entrepreneurs can accept the price at around $500 a month or less, can try to toss test results and do not worry about the advertising expenses, and related products or services, advertising on the site above the 5000IP on the following.

occasionally find a service related to my site, the average flow of about 200 per day, look at the following figure. Guess the total picture (643px× 125px) advertising how much money?

do not know the real situation of traffic, know the site was K once, and the flow of so little. If I say that the price is 30 yuan, there is no one think it is worth it, or is it possible?

I just contacted the service site advertising, there is a certain blindness. War on the home page did not dare, although the flow is fertile, but the advertising fee is not cheap, often more than a few K per month, temporarily unable to bear. Only on a number of internal pages, 500 yuan reluctantly accepted, try to put a few, advertising costs have been over a thousand dollars per month (small entrepreneurs each expenditure are very distressed).

in the relevant forums, portals, blogs and other places I can think of, there are advertising inputs, layers of screening, considering the advertising budget and traffic and price performance. The most expensive advertising is 540 yuan in January, every day to bring me 200-300 traffic. The cheapest is above the site itself on the flow of about 200, do not know can bring much traffic to me, and banner in the log before you begin just past is not on the cost of 30 yuan in January ad. 30 yuan, site traffic and advertising prices are very reluctantly, when can I hold to a month every day to foreign customers call patiently plus 12593, telephone fee will save 30 yuan, in this advertising no effect.

how to effectively put advertising conversion and related traffic which is king

conversion rate is the source of advertising traffic for the site’s number of transactions accounted for the percentage of the total number of customers from the site of the site.

traffic is related to the site’s advertising to advertisers every day traffic.

we are in the process of selecting an advertisement or testing an existing ad, considering the

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