Luo thinking from shaking clever venture into the content of the company relying on 6 words

did not show up for a long time does not appear to talk to her sister.

this time in 1.7 days is held "2017 new list conference", she had told the world due to health reasons, public activities can not go is not to go, the main push partner Luo Zhenyu, but the new list is an important regulator of the content of entrepreneurship, and the new top founder Shedane for their help a lot, the certain to the platform.

oh yes, the topic of this lecture is to review the experience gained in 2016. From the point of view of the product, and even worthy of other industry entrepreneurs learn from.

following her speech:

I don’t know how we did this company in 2016.

later, the new list of my colleagues gave me inspiration, so I think we did okay. They asked before the event, can you change your Title from the "mind of the mind" co-founder to get the co-founder of


hey, this shows that the "get" busy for a year, or worthy of recognition.

I talk about this year’s operation get App experience.

six words, knot hard walled, fight the battle – this is the idea of Zheng Guofan, our company is also particularly important principles.

I am also content of entrepreneurs, we have a common drawback, say it is not afraid of bad content: entrepreneurs with natural influence, there will be a natural identity, followers. So in the promotion of a product, it is easy to abuse their influence, clever.

we forget that many pure make products and services company, each push products are to produce enough influence on the market, with numerous PR colleagues to others, with tremendous effort, for a little influence on the content of entrepreneurs, as easy as blowing off dust.

many people are stuck at this point: too cute to get used by pulsed power.

they ignore: most of the great companies are relying on their own services and products, accumulated every day.

so, when we can time how cute, quiet, honest wear a product


in the just concluded "time friend" speech, Luo fat put forward his theory,

(Gross Domestic Time)

this thing has two features:

one is rigid, because everyone has 24 hours a day, this thing can be calculated.

two is not complex development.

looks like you’re listening to Himalaya while you’re on the subway, and you’re happy to be happy. But in the current conditions, can be developed by

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