Chanel announced to enter the business of luxury brands have stepped down

high cold luxury brand Chanel has finally put down the figure, decided to embrace electricity supplier. Chanel brand President BrunoPavlovsky broke the news to WWD, Chanel will be launched by the end of 2016 or September global electricity supplier network. In addition, three of the top brand of the workshop (gloves workshop Causse, Hat Workshop MaisonMichel and Scotland knitting brand BarrieKnitwear) will also separate on-line online store.

luxury have entered the electricity supplier

news from WWD, in addition to the Chanel brand itself will enter the electricity supplier, three Mé of its subsidiary Paraffection tiersd Art; "Senior Workshop (including gloves workshop Causse, Hat Workshop MaisonMichel and Scotland knitting brand BarrieKnitwear) will be the first step, estimates will launch a single e-business website at the end of this year. BrunoPavlovsky said the three senior workshop itself is relatively small, carry out network sales contribute to expand its customer base and business.

in fact, in 2014, BrunoPavlovsky has always insisted on the idea of doing boutique, when he still hopes that consumers can go to boutiques, feel the Chanel service. When he was interviewed by BoF founder ImranAmed, he made a statement about why Chanel didn’t carry out the online sale of accessories and clothing."

and this sudden change, BrunoPavlovsky explained: do electricity supplier is actually a change, a kind of evolution, you can better serve customers. What we have to do now is to better serve the electronic, rather than doing the kind of popular electricity supplier."

actually have such a plan can not only Chanel. Fendi has also announced that it will launch an e-commerce website this year, offering only 28 European countries in the first place, with the opening of Japan and the U.S. market later this year or in 2016. Fendi chairman and chief executive officer PietroBeccari has confirmed the news: "this is a way of customer service." It is said that the site will be sold from the beginning of February women’s clothing series.

used to be a source of disdain for luxury goods, but we were surprised to find that the shift came so fast. Burberry had stationed Tmall is considered to be a very bold move, HugoBoss and the Philippine Rugby scene authorized a tentative step towards their catwalk net is a luxury. GiorgioArmani has also launched e-commerce channels in China emporioarmani. Cn.


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