A micro blog e commerce word of mouth marketing mode marketing

There are many ways of

marketing, the mainstream of the fixed effect, it must rely on the details, for example, you are not really understanding your customers, what are your customers really love go, they love what. Really understand your customers, word-of-mouth marketing make it hundreds of times. Nonsense not say, then the last said, today I will focus on micro-blog marketing: four, micro-blog said micro-blog marketing marketing, everyone will feel very excited, this is a recent rise of marketing. Micro-blog is the world’s most popular, the most popular platform for information dissemination. Or the most fashionable, the most high-end, the fastest growing information platform. Strong sense of micro-blog user groups are on the acceptance of new products, fast response speed, wide consumer groups, are willing to share with friends and strangers, can short time for a business or a product reputation, potential consumers gather in large scale, the rapid formation of real consumers.

at present, the proportion of sina micro-blog is very important, and for the effect we can see the following figure

this is a report of our customers electricity supplier orders, from the SNS that is the effect of social media marketing is obvious. Micro-blog marketing is divided into three ways: 1 primary ways this approach is mainly reflected in the promotion and dissemination of promotional activities. Launched @ how many friends to award prizes and other activities to achieve the purpose of communication. Many companies are doing, played a certain effect. The following figure:


model of the disadvantages: 1, similar activities more and more, the credibility and appeal are a problem; how many friends, @ 2, caused a certain degree of harassment to micro-blog users; 3, only to show the brand effect, into the website registration rate is very low. 2 micro-blog marketing intermediate way this way is mainly used in the launch and dissemination of micro-blog events. For example, some time ago to rescue the older young women taking photos at hand is a very classic case of micro-blog. Within a few days, causing millions of micro-blog users attention. Interviews with dozens of national television, newspapers and magazines.

if this is Jiayuan network or Lily network activities, will at least have more than 2 million of the value of advertising. The characteristics of this model: 1, high level events and topics planning; 2, hot topic has a certain randomness, the need for timely seize the opportunity. 3 micro-blog marketing in a way that is mainly reflected in the depth of micro-blog and strategic aspects of communication. This approach is safe in the operation of the need to combine the site user experience and micro-blog. Need to do a certain degree of transformation of the site, including the registration of micro-blog users login, content forwarded to micro-blog, etc.. We will design and develop micro-blog applications, allowing users to actively participate in micro-blog applications. And through this application to promote our micro-blog activities. Users in the application to participate in our activities, and send our activities to their respective micro-blog. For example: we will authorize the registration page, >

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