Ceng Pinghui network promotion in the era of passive marketing

this is a consumer with a variety of options in the era of active consumption.

for businesses, this is a passive marketing era.

when you don’t have the budget to occupy Wang newspaper TV prime time, when you do not like to rape that melatonin brain gold consumption visual hearing, you can choose to wait, wait for the consumer experience.

you have to do passive marketing.

passive marketing, it can only passively wait for it?

can not, we have to look for the initiative in the passive, when consumers in the search engine to find the product he wants, you have to take the initiative to come forward, this time, you need to take the initiative.

how to take the initiative to meet consumer choice

traditional approach is: to do a corporate website.

this practice we all know.

is there any way to keep pace with the times,


as long as willing to study, the method is always advancing with the times.

network marketing to enter the era of product site, which is to meet the consumer choice, is in the era of passive marketing, for local initiative, the initiative for passive, grasp the initiative of marketing.

what is the product stand?

first look at a few examples of practical, in order to give you a visual impression.

http://s.www.yiji.net/wanbiaoshouji watch mobile phone


hand embroidered shoesFine management of


http://s.www.yiji.net/tdtzxl field extension training

http://s.dibanzhuan.yiji.com/ floor tile

why the product site?

in a nutshell: when the user is looking for a product, not to enter your company’s Web site to search, but direct search for the keywords he needs the product.

therefore, the initiative, businesses must cater to the consumer characteristics, product use keywords to make your product or service website, your every product or service each one, are made into a separate site accept consumer choice.

otherwise, your product is not even the opportunity to be selected. It became a real passive marketing.

Why build a product station will be able to get the opportunity for consumers to choose, rather than building a product station, it is difficult to do?


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