Bai Cheng travel once loose CEO the advantages of the nternet is created

entered the Bai Cheng travel office hall, hanging two brands, Huayuan Travel Agency (hereinafter referred to as "Huayuan") and "Bai Cheng network". This is the first song was founded with a big child".


as a typical representative of the transformation of the Internet industry from the traditional tourism industry, a long period of time, Bai Cheng network and had just loose in hard work, not high visibility, until 2014 March, the Alibaba for the layout of the online travel, broadband capital combined with a $20 million investment in Bai Cheng network, a message, not only to the company as the black horse a striking, let the simple man in Hunan had come under the spotlight.

accept the twenty-first Century economic report reporter interview from out of a meeting was loose, slightly tired, body relaxation, stuck on the sofa. Talk about business experience and understanding of industry, he immediately began to tell about his brace up, off the reel to summary and reflection.

20 years ago, he starts from the ticket sent brother, founded Huayuan, and made it into Chinese’s three largest outbound travel agency; 14 years ago, by virtue of his perception on the Internet wave, decided to set up investment Bai Cheng network, attempts to use the Internet way to establish an exit travel mode.

Bai Cheng network was established after 11 years, has had three chief occupation managers at the helm, meanwhile, had loose as investors and not involved in the operation of chairman. But in the past two years, he realized the interactive Internet and outbound come, Bai Cheng network chance. So in 2011, the focus of his work gradually from Huayuan to Bai Cheng network, instead of occupation managers to the front himself, and in 2012 the Bai Cheng network from Huayuan spin independent operation.

was subsequently started to reform the "new make snap loose Bai Cheng", and has conducted two rounds of financing, led intime capital A round, Alibaba and broadband capital investment is B. Why should we accept Ali investment? Once said this is not the so-called pine stand in the "BAT" giants "considerations, Ali just financial investment". As for the investment in the outside world is suddenly, he thinks it is a necessity, because from the development of Bai Cheng network point of view, this is part of a once loose capital restructuring and repositioning strategy.

two pioneering road

as a veteran of the industry, had loose on the traditional tourism market and the emerging online travel market has a clear division. At present, although he served as chairman of Huayuan and Bai Cheng network CEO, but the two companies operate independently, almost no cross. The Internet and the traditional gameplay is completely different, and the team, product and service model Huayuan travel agency has been cured, want to change is hard, so just another set of system, build the team again." This is loose in the tourism industry, the two venture".

Ceng Song, one of the effects of Ali investments, is to let the outside feel Bai Cheng network is a truly Internet Co. For a long time, because based on the traditional travel.

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