Aunt Liu Qiangdong funny than against delivery knocked you to take care of me

last weekend, the Jingdong group chairman of the board of Liu Qiangdong about the square dance aunt do O2O distribution a rampant, but the aunt to respond is different.

billion state power network with a number of random square dance aunt learned to communicate, the latter is clearly on the Jingdong’s O2O strategy on deaf.


is a district of Shijingshan Aunt Liu told billion state power network, although know Jingdong, but never online shopping, do not know how to deliver goods, therefore, hope that the Jingdong can do some knowledge into the community.

dance in Xidan Galeries Lafayette department store in front of the Gu aunt said, since it has been retired, to enjoy the happiness of a family union, don’t torment yourself. Square dance is of interest, and old friends the way; but if the fixed time, would not say whether it is a single body, deprived of the feeling is not good."


billion state power network in the Beijing area of the survey results, a square dance aunt and online shopping are more than half of the distance. These people are generally aware of the Jingdong from their children’s mouth, and heard of Liu Qiangdong, these three words are negligible. Another part of the city’s white-collar workers are opposed to their parents door-to-door, mainly concerned about safety and health problems of the elderly. "Jingdong own distribution team, why do you want to let my parents busy to follow? My parents worked hard life, don’t let them busy for this petty profits."

aunt if there is an accident in the distribution process, who should bear this aunt who are generally more concerned about the problem?.

, who lives in Huilongguan Chen believes that the Jingdong can not responsibly say empty, sell a good practice, there are many details need to be improved. For example, how to lose a piece of responsibility, how to compensate for the accident occurred in the delivery of the road traffic accident in the absence of these standards before the introduction of standards, do not dare to take orders".

if the delivery process was hit by a car and fell down from the upstairs, Liu Qiangdong keeps me or I keep my son? "An aunt joked, was added to the square dance queue.

it is understood that Liu Qiangdong was at the 2015 Boao forum for Asia to talk about the topic. According to Liu Qiangdong’s description, in order to do fresh O2O, will learn from the most popular Internet sharing economy mode, the use of social surplus resources to assist in the completion of the last mile distribution. Those who jump square dance aunt who, if they are willing to be able to send one or two hours a day around the residence within the range of 2 hours."

, however, up to now, Jingdong has not announced the use of square dance aunt to implement the specific plan for landing distribution.

although the industry understand this is an occasion to stir the Jingdong O2O project, but before the Spring Festival is the state power grid from informed sources, the Jingdong this year will increase investment in community O2O, and act quickly.

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