Customs breaks the influence of cross border electricity supplier Prime Minister you want to change

at the forum, Wu Xiaobo once again mentioned the matter. He told reporters that the prime minister had read this article on the toilet cover. This year, the two sessions, Li Keqiang responded to this topic, the first is to embrace an open mind, oppose trade protectionism, so that consumers have the right to choose more. Second, China’s enterprises to upgrade, if the country also has the same quality products, should be more competitive.

in Ningbo, Wu Xiaobo talked about half of the time for entrepreneurs to do business, half of the time to deal with government departments, has attracted the attention of the prime minister. Ningbo’s private capital has been developed, but also use half of the time, what will be the Midwest?. Time is sometimes an enemy, sometimes a friend, money." The prime minister said that if the time should not be used to become useful time, that is a friend, money.

prime minister later in his concluding remarks once again mentioned the matter, said that to further decentralization, through reforms to stimulate the vitality of enterprises and the vitality of the market. "I said this year’s two sessions, we have a lot of tools in our policy toolbox, and the biggest tool is reform." Li Keqiang pointed.

Premier Li Keqiang’s "on the spot" impressed Wu Xiaobo. When it comes to customs does not work on Sunday, 24 hours of cross-border electricity supplier sales, the prime minister asked the relevant person in charge, you want to change". Relevant responsible person immediately said, has been concerned about the problem, is developing a reform program.

Wu Xiaobo said: "from the first quarter economic point of view, the prime minister proposed concept of" Internet plus ", all entrepreneurs find the direction of reform; cross-border electricity minister proposed, in the short-term has seen success." By participating in the forum of experts on the economic situation, Wu Xiaobo also feel more government decentralization determination, "this string is always stretched in the prime minister’s heart".

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