NetEase launched a cross border electricity supplier to buy the sea to buy the koala way

NetEase launched a cross-border electricity supplier platform koala


technology news January 9th noon news, NetEase beta cross-border electronic business platform (kaola.com), the koala sea shopping website is currently set up maternal health, delicacy, beauty care and overseas direct mail four categories of goods.

users can log on the NetEase passes, the koala sea purchase website is open, jump out of NetEase CEO Ding Lei’s a few words: "work attitude, be conscientious and do whatever news, email, or electricity supplier, is the same."

it is understood that the koala to buy sea to take their own way, the types of goods will be adjusted according to the consumer feedback and market demand during the test period, the official line will be more abundant species.


sea purchase also launched a "free trade zone" overseas direct mail delivery "and" two modes, the former through the platform of centralized procurement will advance to the domestic goods warehouse, orders after the user 1-3 days of receipt, the latter by certified businesses overseas delivery, delivery time in 7-30 days.

this is another attempt in the field of electricity providers NetEase. In September 2012, the NetEase on-line shopping guide platform Huihui network, location is B2C mall, C2C big sellers and other partners to provide effective marketing, accurate advertising marketing advertising solutions; in December of the same year, the NetEase’s health products and nutritional health products network marketing platform NetEase officially launched, this is the commodity trading platform to test the water again real NetEase the.

It is reported that in 2013

, Shanghai FTA listing, many sea Amoy network is gradually rising, many websites began to force the cross-border electricity supplier, Amazon, Ali, Suning, shop No. 1, jumei.com and other domestic electricity providers have been involved in. (Shang Zi)

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