After 80 entrepreneurial projects do undercover annual income 10000 dessert

  some say 80 is the beat generation, now Xiaobian about 80 through their own efforts to succeed in business when the boss inspirational story, all for 80 false ideas.

2008 years, just 22 years old graduated from a university in the city, and many students, like economic management after graduation he chose to enter the enterprise, his unit in Shanghai.

"boys to those sweet and greasy things are not interested in." Jia Yao told her mother. Later, the mother told him, the apparel industry is doing better is to help others to do the wedding dress, make a brand. Just then came from Hongkong’s famous dessert brand full of dessert into Chongqing, just opened in Jiangbei, she hopes Jia Yao can go and see, then decide. The second day, he came to the full record dessert candidates, did not expect the other party heard that he was a college student, hired him at once.

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