8 tips for starting a business

entrepreneurship is not easy, many times we have some confusion, eager to get more guidance, in order to reduce the risk of entrepreneurship. Of course, every entrepreneur has experienced hardships, 8 reminder here we share may be able to help you solve problems, interested friends can take a look.

1.  you can’t do everything yourself. It is necessary to set up a team, because the time for a person to work is limited. The specific time to reach your limit depends on your other responsibilities. If you are a young single person, you might be able to do everything in one or two years. But if you have a family, your whole body will eventually destroy family relationships. But a team can continue to work while you’re away.

2.  you may think your product is perfect, but your customers don’t think so. Listen to user feedback: your opinion may not be the best. The main point is to release the product as soon as possible, but also frequently released updates." You don’t know this product on your hand is not great — until it enters the market, users began at the lack of it. It’s like some of the contestants in American Idol (American  Idol). They say they are full of wit, friends and family also think so, but when they get on a big stage, their disadvantages is completely unmasked.

3.  do a good thing. Entrepreneurs try to do all things or become equal to anything, but become a both sell bait and sell baby toys and the Beatles (Beatles) classic album the store is almost impossible. To be exact, you can charge what you really offer. It is said that if there is a skill or service that can improve your core product, give it up.

4.  less money is not sustainable. You think, "I don’t need to charge $150 an hour, I can charge $70, far more than I earn as a worker!" However, you may soon find that your "rich" charges can not be maintained. By the time you start paying taxes, paying employees, paying for a business license and insurance, $150 / hour looks more realistic. Win by quality, expertise, and your focus on niche markets, not price. If only the price war, the customer is always bargain because your price is lower than the person or company that betray you.

5.  patience and flexibility will help you through the recession. ShortStack began as my web and graphic design studio side project. We are not a software development studio, but when a customer requests a software product, we do not say no. We slowly expand the scale, not to mind taking the trouble, partly out of necessity, which I founded the company without debt.

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