Summer shop business to give people a sense of freshness

summer temperatures are high, a little bit of smell are very easy to enlarge, so that consumers are very uncomfortable. Therefore, if you want to shop can attract people, but also need to give people a sense of freshness, so that they can really attract customers, so that even in the summer shops can be prosperous business.

summer, sweat, this to our retail customers’ physiological and psychological tests are great, in the high temperature season, not a sweat, and we have the goods, retail customers, goods delivery, sweat soaked clothing back is of course inevitable. This time, a little attention to retail customers, one day want to change two clothes, the weak, the day for a set of the most basic, don’t talk about how others feel, he is wearing comfortable.

retail customers usually do pony nothing too fastidious, because surnamed Ma, many customers call him "careless". But he is a "careful", daily goods goods move goods have a fixed work clothes, many people called "jacket sub image". He said, I wear this every day, no trouble, put a coat off, and do not wash the clothes every day, change another clean clothes on the line.

summer is a hot day, move goods delivery are all of a sweat, the work clothes every day is dry and wet, wet and dry clothes, and left a "cloud" with the right set of a "cloud", all the way will be able to smell the sweat clothes. This pony but not take it seriously, to stand there sellers, customers just talk a few words, hurriedly. A good customer of the little horse, you are willing to take your clothes off and wash the sweat sour taste who can bear! Pony said, wearing clean or with sweat, too much trouble, I wear every day who can stand it.

case study

solution: retail customer Chen Guilin

weapon: summer gives a refreshing sense of

hot days, our retail customers purchase, sell, and delivery, is engaged in battle fatigue, really is not an easy thing. No change of clothes every day, sometimes hate had to wash feet lying in bed is good. However, the sellers is also selling the image, the image is very important, the customer to buy things, buy is a good mood. We have many colleagues, hot love do not wash clothes, sweat smell rancid smell, the customer is "the students" run, this is not alarmist, is a reality.

we look at this "pony slackers, shop a few pieces of fixed work clothes is right. I have, usually hanging there, every time the goods on the goods by the way in the body, when the goods are not dirty, but you have to wash frequently change ah. There is no such as pony counterparts, of course, and also many, in the week I recommend

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