How to join the Arabia barbecue

in the barbecue mode to join the Arabia barbecue why so popular in recent years, Arabia barbecue in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other big city, meat consumption are blowing a hurricane. Do you have a Arabia barbecue in your city?

Arabia barbecue with small investment quick effect as a feature, suitable for not too much money to re employment investment. Miao Xiang Ji specialty snacks franchise chain operating in 2004 so far, is the most professional barbecue training institutions in Arabia. Barbecue flavor in a leading position in the country, the business to join the most authentic taste, the best barbecue technology is the principle of service company for many years,


Arabia barbecue to taste good, affordable, nutritious and distinctive "and become popular in the country’s emerging trend features delicious! Material is convenient and flexible, any part of the poultry and livestock meat can be grilled, baked before the secret sauce marinated, then cut into cubes on special wooden sign, processing in the smokeless gas oven specially cooked, until the flesh becomes yellow brittle, creak outside oil, crisp outside tender fragrance when edible, make people want to slobber, full of fresh food. Eat up flavor, eat more addictive, it can satisfy the customers’ appetite.

want to join Arabia barbecue, not all of a sudden you want to join can join, it needs to go through a series of procedures.

Arabia barbecue join process as follows:

1, telephone consultation: franchisee through telephone, fax, online messages, e-mail and other ways to consult the headquarters of the relevant matters and access to relevant information;

2, field trips: join the business to the headquarters of the site visits, to understand the specific work, and the headquarters of the staff to conduct specific business exchanges;

3, qualification audit: the headquarters of the franchisee to the specific situation of the audit, at the same time to confirm whether the franchisee qualification;

4, signed a contract: if the two sides have been confirmed after investigation, no problem, formally signed the contract;

5, pay fees: according to their choice of franchisees to join the type of headquarters to pay the corresponding fee;

6, headquarters training: the headquarters of the franchisee to carry out technical and management training, after passing the examination to authorize the bronze medal;

7, store design: according to the actual situation of the shop, the headquarters for the franchisee to provide shop decoration design, and give decoration advice;

8, opening: the headquarters of the franchise to the specific business situation of concern, and join the time

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