Chengde college students entrepreneurship Park officially completed to give a number of subsidies se

students are weak, need external power to give aid. Days ago, is located in Hebei Chengde students Pioneering Park began to recruit, the subsidy service in this cold winter warm students hit off the heart.

the park determine recruitment items for product development, cultural creative product development and management, computer services, online travel, Internet banking, e-commerce, making new employment service, small handicraft product design management and other projects approved.

in college business park business, not only office business premises, heating, network services free of charge, but also enjoy free entrepreneurship training service. For the admission of Small and micro businesses to attract college graduates and employment difficulties, to give a one-time job subsidies and the entrepreneurial development of not more than 3 years of social insurance subsidies. Hold "unemployment registration certificate" or "Employment Permit", within 5 years of graduation entrepreneurship for college graduates, the first time to obtain a business license and stable operation for more than 6 months, giving 5000 yuan per person one-time start-up grants and a maximum of 3 years of social insurance subsidies. Qualified personnel can apply for venture capital loans.

with college business park mode to support and guide college students entrepreneurship development, has become the consensus of many national. But governments need to pay attention to, business park should be based on the local characteristics of the foundation, in order to protect the students start the project targeted, smooth growth.

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