How to open a restaurant for the required documents

a lot of people blindly opened a restaurant franchise, but it is not worth, how to open a restaurant for the required documents? What documents need to handle it? Let Xiaobian to introduce you under the bar, I hope to help you in front of the shop.

opened to business license, business license and in the lead, they want to get environmental license and catering service license. To apply for environmental protection license first to the EPA to apply, after a good time, ask the staff to check the door to see whether the lampblack machine is qualified, sewage pipes are in line with the requirements. For catering service license is required to apply to the business office, they also Ronaldinho in large hospital health examination, health knowledge training, such as the results came out, and then make an appointment to check. After a good appointment, the staff will come to inspect the disinfection, cleaning facilities, as well as the processing area and the proportion of the location of the business area, etc.. Similar to the fire inspection. Ronaldinho said, "for the majority of procedures are 3 to 5 working days, nearly a week passed. This is the premise of all the inspection standards, in case of failure of any inspection, it is necessary to apply repeatedly, rectification, appointment."

documents are indispensable, here we want to legitimate business, legitimate trade. Xiao Bian also believe that through the introduction of the above content, you also have more understanding of the shop, then hurry up.

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